Bollywood Actress Sonam Kapoor: Won't talk ill about an actress on a personal front

When it comes to posting views on various topics on social networking sites, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is very active and feels that as a public figure it is her responsibility to comment on important issues. 
Also, she insists that issues command an honest opinion.

 "It is very irresponsible to be diplomatic on certain things. Just because you are an actress does not mean you can't have an opinion," said the 28-year-old who is active on Twitter. 

"You can't be diplomatic on certain things. I will never talk ill about an actress on a personal front. But if it comes to important things, then I should have an opinion," added the actress who struck gold with her performance in 'Raanjhanaa'.

 Having an opinion isn't risky either.&nbsp

"It is not risky if I have an opinion about something important. If someone is being sexist, homophobic or if the government is wrong... I will say something. If I think I have said something wrong, then I will apologise for it," she said.

Daughter of Sunita and actor Anil Kapoor, she feels her forthrightness sets an example for other girls. "If I am someone who is a public figure and cannot have an opinion, the other girls will get scared. I am not as popular as other actresses, but I have a little bit of popularity and I must use that to see how girls are projected," she said.

In 'Raanjhanaa' too, the actress played a public figure involved in college politics, but dismissed any similarity between her and her character. "Zoya is different from me. She is involved in the politics of JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University). Sometimes when other public figures like politicians and spiritual gurus make some stupid remark, I react to it like other young people on a social platform. I don't think there is anything wrong in it as it encourages other young girls to come forward," she said.

Bollywood Actress News: Priyanka Chopra ft Pitbull Exotic Official Video

Though her Exotic is the number one song on the India iTunes list, it's nowhere in sight on the US charts.

Bollywood actress turned singer "Priyanka Chopra" seems to have taken a leaf out of international singing sensation "Jennifer Lopez's" book to boost her musical career.

After her debut international single In My City feat. failed to top the charts, Piggy Chops thought it was a good idea to rope in rapper "Pitbull" for her second single Exotic.

Interestingly, "Jennifer Lopez's" collaboration with had also failed to set the charts afire, and it was none other than Pitbull who gave "Lopez" her top three hits on the US charts in the last decade.

Alas! The formula doesn't quite seem to be working for the Indian beauty.

Though her Exotic is the number one song on the India iTunes list, it's nowhere in sight on the US charts.

As far as the video is concerned, it just doesn't live up to the hype generated on the social media. Shot in Miami, it shows a bikini-clad Priyanka frolicking in the waves and singing the verses in English with a few lines of Hindi thrown in.

What's surprising is that everything about the video - right from the locales, shots, lyrics, dance steps - seems amateurish.

While Priyanka manages a few hot moments, we wonder what Pitbull is up to as he tries to keep up with the Bollywood actress.

While the possibility of Exotic tasting success is debatable, the actress received her share of bouquets and brickbats on Twitter for her latest single album:

Malayalam Actress News: Swarna Thomas out of danger, recovering

Malayalam actress Swarna Thomas who suffered severe injuries after falling from her fourth floor apartment here recently is out of danger and has been shifted to the general ward, her father said.

She might have to undergo surgery for a damaged back soon, Thomas, her father added.

"Her backbone was damaged due to the fall and she is likely to undergo a surgery. She is conscious now and has been shifted to the general ward from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)," Swarna's father said.

Swarna was down with fever a few days back, when the incident occurred. She was walking in the balcony, felt dizzy, slipped and fell down, her father said.

"Since she didn't suffer injuries to the head, she is out of danger. However, she needs at least six to eight months' rest to recover," he added.

A dancer by profession, Swarna gained popularity through TV show "Super Dance".

As an actress, she is popular for Malayalam films such as "Flat No 4B" and "Queue". She was set to make her Tamil debut with upcoming film "Vetri Selvan".

At the time of the accident, she had been engaged in the shooting of Malayalam romantic-comedy "Buddy".

Hollywood Actress News: Lindsay Lohan strips to undies in trailer of The Canyons

Hollywood actor Lindsay Lohan heats up the promotion of her recent film "The Canyons" - she has stripped down in her undergarments for the promo of the film.

In the movie, the 27-year-old plays Tara, the actress-girlfriend of a rich young moviemaker. She hides an affair from her calculating love - and things turn dark when he rumbles her secret, reports

The preview features a voiceover from Lohan who asks: "Okay, tell me something - do you really like movies? Really, really like movies? When was the last time you went to see a movie in the theatre - you know, a movie that you really felt meant something to you? I don't know, you know, I guess maybe it's just not my thing anymore."

The trailer then races between sexy scenes, showing Lohan caught up between her men.

The film is directed by Paul Schrader and it was reportedly rejected from the 2013 "South By Southwest Film Festival" over "quality issues". The movie is said to hit the theatres in US in August this year.