Hollywood Actress News : Julie Benz Sad Jack Nicholson Didn't Hit on Her

Julie Benz

It is no secret that Jack Nicholson is quite the ladies man, but it turns out one lady who didn’t stimulate his flirt factor was “Dexter” hottie Julie Benz, and it gave her quite a complex.

“I worked with Jack Nicholson a long time ago on 'As Good as it Gets' and he didn't hit on me, and he's notorious for hitting on every lady in Hollywood, and he didn't hit on me,” Benz told Pop Tarts at TV Guide’s Hot List party in Los Angeles. “And I'm like, 'What's wrong with me!?' I was disappointed.”

And unlike many women in Hollywood who have a wealth of “casting couch” stories surrounding inappropriate agents/producers/directors attempting to have them do inappropriate things in the name of getting that “big break,” nobody put the hard word on Benz.

“I've never ever ever and I'm disappointed! I'm like, 'Why hasn't anyone ever asked me? What's wrong with me?!'" she laughed. “I was young when I started acting, and I've always had very good people representing me and taking care of me, so I've never had those run ins! Now I think I'm passed that age of having it happen. No one ever wanted sexual favors from me, makes me think there's something wrong with me.”
But judging by the 38-year-old’s sleek and chic appearance these days, somehow we think she need not be too concerned with male attention.

World actress News: salt movie Trailer and reviews (Angelina Jolie)

A review of Salt by Rolling Stone's Peter Travers won't appear until next week, but it's quite positive (apart from carpings about credibility). Reviews from Variety, Hollywood Reporter and Indiewire's Todd McCarthy will probably hit today or certainly by tomorrow.

"Starring slinky-sexy-scary Angelina Jolie as a CIA agent accused of going over to the Russians, Salt is primed to keep your pulse racing so your brain will stop thinking, 'WTF!' Go with the illogic or you'll miss the fun. Salt has the action to slam you hard, batter your senses and make a case for Jolie as a superpower with the figurative balls to take on the U.S., Russia and North Korea, and still provide crap to pussy critics who don't like their credulity strained.

"Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a spy introduced as she's being released from a North Korean prison after a bout of water torture that would turn strong men to secret-spilling jelly. A guy was almost cast in the role, but Tom Cruise passed, claiming Salt was cut from the pattern of Mission: Impossible.

"Enter Jolie, and something equally advantageous for the movie: timeliness. Sleeper spies are making major headlines, what with the FBI rounding up 10 members of a Russian spy ring suspected of living among us for more than a decade. And who can forget bombshell mole Anna Chapman, a.k.a. Anya Kushchenko, a centerfold-ready redhead working the Manhattan party circuit while passing info to the Russians. The Cold War is back, baby, and Salt is riding the wave.

"Never mind that the screenplay by Kurt Wimmer (Law Abiding Citizen) flies off into fantasies that would shame Jolie's Lara Croft and Wanted.

Salt benefits from the technical mastery and playful deviltry of Phillip Noyce, the Aussie director who showed his artful side with Rabbit-Proof Fence and The Quiet American. With Salt, Noyce tears it up with the verve he brought to a duo of Tom Clancy adaptations, 1992's Patriot Games and 1994's Clear and Present Danger. Noyce, a skilled architect of action, can stage a stunt with the best of them.

"And Jolie is up for the challenge. She scales buildings barefoot, jumps from bridges onto moving vehicles, and blows up buildings in New York and D.C. Eat your heart out, Matt Damon. Salt is Jason Bourne without amnesia.

Bollywood Actress: "Sameera Reddy" cheers for KKR

Sameera Reddy

Bollywood Actress Sameera Reddy flew into Kolkata on Wednesday evening to watch the crucial IPL match between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) & Delhi Daredevils at Eden Gardens.

Says Sameera: “I’m a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan, and when he invited me to Eden Gardens to cheer for KKR, I was overjoyed. Though I don’t know much about cricket and T20, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.”

Sameera also turned out to be KKR’s “lucky mascot”, when they won a hard fought battle against Delhi Daredevils by 14 runs. Sam was the cynosure of all eyes and was repeatedly shown on television.

World Actress News: Jennifer Coolidge coming to Springfield comedy club

Jennifer Coolidge

Life changed for actress Jennifer Coolidge, who performs four shows this weekend at Donnie B’s Comedy Club, when she connected the Groundlings, the legendary Los Angeles improv-comedy troupe.

“The minute I started with the Groundlings, the seas parted and so many cool things happened,” Coolidge said Monday in a phone interview.

That included her first television appearance, on “Seinfeld,” playing a masseuse who refused to give on-screen boyfriend Jerry Seinfeld a massage. Then there was “SheTV” and, eventually, the teen sex comedy “American Pie” (more on that later).

“I think I would still be waitressing today if it hadn’t been for the Groundlings,” Coolidge said.

Instead, she’s had what appears to be a steady career as an actor on television and in movies. Now she’s taking an act on the road.

Coolidge said she began performing at stand-up comedy clubs relatively recently, in Provincetown, Mass. At first, she was just reading from a notebook, but since then her show has evolved into something between a traditional standup act and a one-woman show.

“It’s my commentary on living in Los Angeles — and my disappointment with it lately, with all the weird ‘reality’ world that’s happening” Coolidge said.
She also talks about sex, the odd experience of dating after having been attached for a long time, and some of the stranger auditions she’s had since the economy tanked.

“It’s all really story format — it’s not line, laugh, line, laugh — more the Kathy Griffin style,” Coolidge said.

She and Griffin were in the Groundlings together in the 1990s.

“I happened to be there at a really great time: it was Lisa Kudrow, Kathy Griffin, Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, myself, Cheri Oteri, Ana Gasteyer, Will Forte — some really good people,” Coolidge said.

That reads like a who’s-who of “Saturday Night Live” alumni. But comedy was not the first career choice of the 48-year-old actress.

Brilliant crying
“I tried to be a dramatic actress for a very long time,” Coolidge said. “It just wasn’t working out.”

She was in an acting class and doing imitations of some of her more overwrought peers — “there was one girl in the class that, no matter what scene it was, she would cry. … And then our acting teacher would applaud her and tell her that her crying was so brilliant,” Coolidge said, the contempt evident in her tone of voice.
One of her classmates suggested she try improvisational comedy, so Coolidge first joined the Gotham City Improv before moving to L.A. to take up with the Groundlings.
“American Pie,” released in 1999, was arguably Coolidge’s biggest break. She’s still identified with the character known as “Stifler’s Mom” — a boozy, attractive, middle-aged woman who found mutual attraction with the movie’s high-school-aged protagonists.

The character was a harbinger of today’s “cougar” phenomenon — middle-aged women taking up with younger men in movies (“The Proposal”), on TV (ABC’s “Cougar Town”) and in real life (Hollywood couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher).

But Coolidge has done a lot since first playing “Stiffler’s Mom” more than 10 years ago.

She’s acted in the Christopher Guest comedies “Best in Show,” “A Mighty Wind” and “For Your Consideration”; had a supporting role in “Legally Blonde” and its sequel; and had guest roles on the TV programs “Sex in the City,” “Nip/Tuck” and “Friends.” She also had a regular spot on the “Friends” spin-off “Joey.”

Escape from L.A.
In the past few months, Coolidge has become a regular on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and appeared alongside Nicolas Cage in the film “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call, New Orleans.”

“I loved doing that — that was a really cool job,” Coolidge said, adding that Cage is one of her favorite actors.

Coolidge said the last couple of years have been among the most interesting of her career, letting her do the kind of work she hadn’t previously been able to pursue.
“When you live in L.A. and it really is almost a beautiful day every day, and you get on a show or you get into a routine, sometimes it really does seem like you’re living the same day over and over,” Coolidge said.

“This stand-up thing is so different for me: traveling around the country, going to these states I’ve never seen, staying in these hotels and interacting with people I would never get to hang out with. When you live in L.A., you have an isolated life — all I meet are actors and directors and people in the movie business or TV business.
“In other cities, you have to remember it isn’t about the film business,” Coolidge said.

“I’m meeting everybody, and it’s really cool. I have to say, I didn’t know it would be this cool.”

Brian Mackey can be reached at 747-9587.

World Actress News: “Ginnifer Goodwin” The Good Girl Goes Bad


Tarlet and Los Angeles social fixture Ginnifer Goodwin be a New York girl for now. Over the next three months, the actress and ballet fanatic is filming the romantic comedy “Something Borrowed” about Manhattan and the Hamptons.

On Tuesday night, Goodwin made what was likely one of many future party appearances when she cohosted a celebration for Vionnet at Saks Fifth Avenue with Ron Frasch, Matteo Marzotto and Virginia Smith. “I would be very happy to be their international spokesman,” Goodwin said of the brand, which custom made her vegan over-the-knee boots.

Combined with her cutout velvet dress, the overall effect was pretty spicy. Which may be appropriate considering her character in “Something Borrowed” is a woman who, as Goodwin puts it, “is schtupping her best friend’s fiancé.” Kate Hudson plays said best friend, and John Krasinski stars as Goodwin’s confidante.

WWD got the first dish on the flick.

WWD: Tell me about your character, Rachel.
Ginnifer Goodwin: She’s a consummate good girl who has always defined herself by the things she would and wouldn’t do, and she finds herself doing something that’s always been on the “I do not do this” list. She’s trying to come to terms with that and decide if she follows her heart at the risk of ruining a 30-year friendship.

WWD: So what about her appealed to you?
G.G.: Well, I am fascinated that the author of the book [Emily Giffin, who wrote the novel on which the film is based] was able to make me root for this woman doing something that is so off of my own moral compass.

WWD: Did you try to imagine what you would go through, were you in the same situation?
G.G.: Yes, well, I relate to it only in that I certainly have made decisions in my adult life that I never thought I would make — in good ways and in terrible ways. I’ve certainly gone through periods where I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror because I was so ashamed of some of the decisions I was making. In that way, I was very eager to explore a character like this, who ultimately decides she will be a happier, healthier person if she continues along this path.

WWD: I would imagine most reporters will be asking you if you’ve ever screwed over your best friend.
G.G.: Oh, surely that is going to be our entire press junket. But I have to say I’m a consummate good girl.

WWD: Had you read the book before you got the part?
G.G.: I read and fell in love with the script. I have to preface this by saying, disclaimer, I’m not even a chick lit reader. I’m a high school reading list fan. I want my Jane Austen, my Charles Dickens and Harry Potter. I do read my fair share of “Harry Potter.”

WWD: What are you reading now?
G.G.: I just finished [the incredibly popular young adult fantasy trilogy] “The Hunger Games” and [the sequel] “Catching Fire.” Oh my gosh, obsessed. It’s about a postapocalyptic world where children are thrown into the arena to fight to the death. I finished that two days ago.

Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra: has a new boyfriend?

Priyanka Chopra has a new boyfriend

Priyanka Chopra, who is one of the leading actresses of Bollywood, has always been in the news for her off-screen relationships. She has been linked with Harman Baweja, Shahid Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor in the past. This, time she herself wrote something that caught our eyes.

“Off for an anonymous holiday with my bff.. Shoot got cancelled for a day!! Yay I love secrets.. Bye world!! C ya soon!!,” wrote the actress on the social networking site, Twitter.

Just as we were wondering who it could be, Priyanka posted, “Arre u guys... bff means best friends forever!!!,” putting an end to our speculative minds.

Well, we have to say Priyanka surely has the talent to keep her followers intrigued. That’s precisely the reason why she is one of the most popular celebrities on Twitter with 2,58,925 (and counting) followers. Way to go, PC!

Bollywood Actress: Is Neil Mukesh dating Asin?

Is Neil Mukesh dating Asin?

After breaking up with his childhood sweetheart recently, it seems Neil Nitin Mukesh have found love again. This time, the girl seems to be none other than a very well known bollywood actress.

Recently, Neil Mukesh was spotted with actress Asin. The two were out on a dinner date and according to some sources the chemistry between the two suggested that Asin and Neil are not merely friends but more than that.

Though, Neil maintains that Asin is only his good friend, but our sources do not buy this theory.

Well, if both the actors are single and even if they like each other, what is the big fuss about? Love and let love should be the mantra we gossip writers should follow. Isn't it?

World Actress News: Sandra Bullock’s husband had string of affairs

Actress Sandra Bullocks

London, March 25 (IANS) Actress Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James may have slept with 11 other women during his marriage, media reports said.

Thesun.co.uk reports that he bedded girls by posting online adverts looking for models for his Californian motorcycle company West Coast Choppers.

The 40-year-old motorbike builder’s infidelity was an open secret amongst his employees.

“He sees their photos, answers the ads and invites the girls to his office… he preferred models with certain attributes - hot, tattooed biker chicks,” said a source.
Tattooed model Michelle Mcgee, recently claimed to have had an 11-month affair with James while Bullock was filming “The Blind Side”.

Bollywood Actress News : Karan, Kajol, Kareena Gang

Kajol and Kareena Kapoor

Karan Johar has done it again. After casting Kajol and Kareena Kapoor for Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, way back in 2001, he’s get the two talented
actresses again for his forthcoming venture.

The film will be directed by debutante Siddharth Malhotra, the grandson of the late Prem Nath. Siddharth was the creative producer of the hit TV serial Sanjivani and was responsible for conceptualising and shaping it.

Our source revealed, “Kajol and Kareena have been finalised for Karan Johar’s forthcoming film, which will start once the actors are free from their on-going films.”

The film, which is yet untitled is based on the Hollywood film, Stepmom (1998), starring Susan Sarandon

and Julia Roberts. The shooting of the film will begin as soon as Kajol wraps up the shoot of Karan’s My Name Is Khan, opposite Shah Rukh Khan.

So how did the casting come about? “Karan, who is directing Kajol in My Name Is Khan is very happy with her work. The same holds true for Kareena, who is working opposite Saif Ali Khan in a project directed by Rensil D’Silva,” said the source.

When asked about Kareena’s presence in Karan’s film, Kareena’s secretary maintained a diplomatic stand and said, “Kareena would never say no to Karan.”

Vivek Oberoi’s ‘Prince’ movie release in April 9

New Delhi, The release of actor Vivek Oberoi’s much-hyped movie “Prince” has been delayed by send production work. The thriller has now been rescheduled for April 9 release.

The film was earlier set for a March 26 release, but work on its post production and visual effects of high voltage action scenes is still into process.

“‘Prince’ is a huge project, with some out of the world action sequences and visual effects. Hence, we are leaving no stone unturned. The visual effects of the movie are done by the best visual effects studio in the business; we are just reworking on a few scenes, which has resulted in the delay,” Kumar Taurani, managing director of Tips Industries and producer of “Prince”, said in a press statement.

The movie narrates the story of a thief who wakes up one morning to realise that he has lost his memory and his life is at stake. It has been directed by Kookie V. Gulati and also features Nandana Sen.

UN labor agency: Shakira honored - World Actress News

UN labor agency: Shakira honored - World Actress News
Shakira has received a medal from the U.N. labor agency for her work to help impoverished children.

The 33-year-old Colombian pop star has worked as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. Her Barefoot foundation provides nutrition to more than 6,000 children in Colombia, with she is member of the ALAS foundation that advocates for children across Latin America.

At a small ceremony Wednesday in Geneva, U.N. labor chief Juan Somavia called Shakira a "true ambassador for children and young people, for quality education and social justice."

Shakira said in a statement Thursday that social, economic and environmental policies must focus on children and their education.

Shakira also spoke last month with President Barack Obama about U.S. policy on children.

Zarine Khan Loses Wight

Zarine 'Fatrina' Khan works off her choco-induced flab inside the gym

After being nicknamed Fatrina, Veer actress Zarine Khan who closely resembles Katrina Kaif, be desperately shedding the flab she acquired for the film.

The newbie has been working out religiously and the results are already showing. She has been gymming daily for over an hour coupled with swimming and jogging.

B-Town buzz is that she has been signed for another film and is keen to shed the flab. Sources state that she will feature in Salman Khan- starrer Kick, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. Zarine prefers to be tightlipped, though.

Choco chica

Sallu had been put his Veer co-star on a chocolate diet to pile on the kilos for the period drama. The actor had personally taken an interest in her diet, making sure she gorged on cakes and pastries as her role required her to look fuller and more curvaceous. She went on to gain over 10 kilos for her screen persona of a princess in the movie.

Says Zarine, "Every morning, I do pilates for an hour with Yasmin Karachiwalla. While weight training is thrice a week also with her."

The lookalike also does the Boot Camp workout thrice a week with Ajit Mohite at a Bandra gym. "This is a strenuous cardio workout that is why it is also referred to as military training; it is also fast-paced. "When I feel tired with the Boot Camp workout, I make sure I do brisk walking. I am usually at Joggers Park, Bandra," she adds.

Zarine began working out and the results are showing. "In the next few months, it will be even more visible," says the actress who is also eating right. Chocolates are a definite no — she's had enough of them during Veer.

Emmerdale actress Sheree Murphy “joins Hollyoaks”

Over six years past she quit Emmerdale, Sheree Murphy is returning to the world of soap.

The mother-of-three is joining the cast of rival soap Hollyoaks, playing the long-lost biological mother of teen Anita Roy (Saira Choudhry).

Murphy, whose ditzy barmaid character Tricia Dingle be killed off the ITV show in December 2003, took a step back from her acting career to be a full-time mum to her three children.

The 34-year-old actress, who was runner-up in the 2005 series of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Has already begun filming her scenes, which be screened from April 23.

She will play Eva, who had Anita adopted by Govinda and Bel Roy as a baby.
Troubled teen Anita only discovered she was adopted last June after her evil brother Ash (Junade Khan) told her.

Shock: Teen Anita Roy (Saira Choudhry) is stunned when her birth mother walks into her life

Anita was stunned when Ash showed her her birth certificate, which showed her mother was just a teenager when she had her.

Murphy's character Eva arrives in Chester under the guise of a mysterious brunette called 'Kate' and finds herself attracted to Anita's other brother Ravi (Stephen Uppal).

But it isn't long before she finds out Ravi's little sister is the baby she gave up 17 years ago.

Murphy said: 'Being a fan of the show, I'm really excited to be a part of Hollyoaks and working with the young cast, especially Saira.

'Her character has been through some really tough times recently so it will be interesting to see how she responds to the arrival of my character Eva, her biological mother.'

Meanwhile, Murphy is said to be considering a move Down Under next year with Australian footballer husband Harry Kewell.

The couple visited several homes in the Sydney suburb of Palm Beach earlier this month while Kewell received medical treatment for his groin injury.

Murphy and Kewell, who have been married for nearly seven years, have spent a lot of the past year apart from he transferred from Liverpool to Turkish team Galatasaray.
The soap star decided to stay at the couple's £2.6million home in Cheshire with their three children Taylor, nine, Ruby, six and Matilda, 22 months, rather than uproot them.

But with his Galatasaray contract up for renewal this summer, football pundits expect he will be looking to return to a British team.

Despite wanting to have another child, Murphy said last year she was hoping to return to work again.

She said: 'I’d like another one. But not yet because I’d like to go back to work for a bit first. I’ve always wanted a big family and I must admit I’d like another boy.'
Murphy has spoke of how difficult it has been for her and Kewell to have a long-distance marriage: 'He’s my best friend and I miss him so much but I know he’s doing this for the family.'

Killed off: Murphy's Emmerdale character Tricia, with on-screen husband Marlon (Mark Charnock), died in 2003 after a storm caused the Woolpack pub to collapse on top of her